Top 5 Wednesday – December 23rd, 2015


Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at Gingerreadslainey. Every week, book reviewers all over the world are given a bookish topic and respond with their top 5 books (or elements of books) that relate to that topic. Click here for the Goodreads group if you would like to learn more about Top 5 Wednesday and join in!

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday topic is the top five series you want to start next year. I have only recently realized just how massive my series/trilogies TBR is. I tend to read a lot of standalone novels, and I have not actually completed all that many series or trilogies in my lifetime so far. But this shall no longer be the case! I am hereby declaring 2016 the year of series reading!

Because my TBR is so long, I decided to do a bit of a twist on today’s topic. Since it was impossible to narrow things down enough, I essentially decided I should make two different top five lists: one of the top five series and one of the top five trilogies I want to read during the course of 2016!


Most of these are series that I intended to read in 2015 and never got around to starting (yes, I did indeed fail quite epically!).

5. The Seven Realms Series by Cinda Williams Chima


4. The Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas


3. The Raven Cycle Quartet by Maggie Stiefvater


2. The Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson


1. The A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin



Again, many of these are trilogies I wanted to, and subsequently failed to get started on in 2015. I am determined to get going on, if not to finish, a good amount of these trilogies in the new year.

5. The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken


4. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor


3. The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness


2. The Shattered Sea Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie


1. The Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Trilogy by Ransom Riggs


Honorable Mention: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien


This is an honorable mention because I am not sure that I will be able to make it to this trilogy before the end of the year. I do intend to read The Hobbit in 2016, and to at least finally begin watching the movies. I am hoping, though, that I will be able to make it through at least The Fellowship of the Ring!

What series are you guys planning to read in 2016? Let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – December 23rd, 2015

  1. I have so many similar series/trilogies on my TBR, I’m so terrible at finishing series after I’ve read the first book so I’m trying to do that more. I really want to read the Seven Realms series and the Raven Cycle too. They both look amazing and have such great reviews! I can tell you myself that the Throne of Glass series is amazing, I hope if you do pick them up you love them!

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    • I’m horrible at finishing off series as well! Basically, I don’t read series often and when I do, I end up not finishing them for ages! Haha 😀
      I’m so excited for Throne of Glass; definitely hoping I’m going to love it! I’ve picked up a copy of the first book now, so I’m planning to start it pretty soon!

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  2. Those are great choices! The Demon King and The Raven Cycle are on my tbr too! As is the Darkest Minds and Miss Peregrine. Throne of Glass is great- and the series gets better as it goes along 🙂 Game of Thrones is very dramatic (as I’m sure you’ve heard) and I’ve started Mistborn and am loving it so far! Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a fantastic series!! Above all though, I recommend you read the Hobbit asap! (don’t worry too much about Lord of the Rings- it’s not as good- but shh don’t tell anyone I said that!)

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    • Haha yes, definitely prepared for all the drama in Game of Thrones 😀 I’m probably spoiling myself like crazy since I’m watching the show already, but I’m still insanely excited to start reading the novels! I’ve been meaning to get to Daughter of Smoke and Bone for so long; I’ve had a copy of the first novel since it was originally released. That trilogy is a major priority for me this year! And so is The Hobbit (I’m slightly intimidated by Lord of the Rings, so I’m going to start there)! I feel like my book nerd (and really my general nerd status) is totally being hurt by the fact that I haven’t experienced any Tolkien books or movies yet!

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      • I started with the show too- I watched the first series, then I *needed* to know what happened next, so I read all the books- which was a big mistake cos I got a serious case of book hangover *and* it was only then that I find out what a slow writer George R R Martin is. Where are you upto? Oh it’s fantastic! I love that series 🙂 It’s beautifully written and just a fabulous story- not to mention really romantic! The Hobbit is much better- so it’s definitely a good place to start. Haha no matter how much we read, there are always books we haven’t got to, and there will always be people that say “what? You haven’t read that yet”- but it doesn’t matter cos anyone can be a nerd if they put their mind to it :p

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      • I’m currently making my way through season 2. I’m trying to stretch the series out until season 6 starts! Haha 😀 I’m probably going to start reading the books in the next month or so and try to take my time with it, but I know I’m still going to be left with a book hangover and no new books too!

        That is all so true! And I’ve definitely put my mind to it! Hahaha 😀

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  3. Great list! I also still need to read some of them and have it on my tbr. And I already finished a few. But I was really surprised with Chaos walking trilogy because I really enjoyed reading it. Though I was really disappointed with The Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children. Loved the first one but couldn’t finish the second one. Maybe I’ll give it another try because I’m still interested in a story.

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    • Thank you! 😀 I’ve heard amazing things about Chaos Walking and I already absolutely love Patrick Ness’s writing. I’m so excited to get into that trilogy! I was a little hesitant at first with Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children because I’ve definitely heard some pretty mixed things about it, but I’m really interested to give it a go and see what the story is all about! 🙂

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