Top Ten Tuesday – April 18th, 2017


Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s time for another Top 10 Tuesday list. This is an original weekly blog meme created over at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week, there is a new bookish topic for bloggers to create a list about. If you want to know more about Top 10 Tuesday, click here!

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic is the top ten things that will make you instantly want to read a book. It was a little tough thinking up ten things that turn me on to a book, which is odd considering I will read just about anything I can get my hands on. I guess that goes to show that I will give any book a try, but I somewhat rarely feel that need to instantly pick up a novel. However, there are a few cases where this is true.

Time Travel or Parallel Universes – Anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely addicted to books about time travel and/or parallel universes. Honestly, this is one of the only cases where there is practically no hesitation on my part. I will literally read anything I find that involves either time travel, parallel worlds, or (preferably) both!


Books About Books – I think many book lovers out there can relate to this one! I love reading books in which reading and literature plays a huge part. This can come in the form of the characters being book nerds like myself, the setting being somewhere like a bookstore or library, or a storyline that is shaped around either a real or fictional book within the book.

Recommendations – I’m not one who typically gives into major hype about books—I have been disappointed many times when I get sucked into that. However, if a friend that I trust and share a similar reading taste with highly recommends something, I will pick it up straight away. People like my best friend Lizzie, and my awesome blogger besties Heather and Anna, are to blame for much of my ever increasing TBR pile!

Retellings – I am a complete sucker for retellings. Whether it’s a retelling of a classic novel, folklore, or fairytale, that’s pretty much all I need to know before I pick it up. This can occasionally amount to me reading a really crappy version of a story I love. But many times I have discovered some absolutely wonderfully crafted retellings with their own unique twist.


Interesting Magic System – I love love love fantasy novels! This is the primary genre that I read, but I do get a bit picky with them, at least in recent years. There are a lot of novels that deal with the same subjects over and over again, and those don’t make for the best reading experience. However, any fantasy novel with a unique-sounding magic system will instantly pique my interest.

Modern Fairytale – As I mentioned, I love fairytales and folklore, and I love present-day novels that give off that fairytale or folklore feeling. I find those types of stories to be absolutely beautiful and captivating. I really hope I can write a story like that one day.


Highly Praised Classic – I am a huge fan of classic literature—I was always that weird kid in English class that loved almost every book they made us read! So if a classic is highly praised, either by people I know or just in general, I will most likely pick it up. I won’t say I always like them, but I’ll at least give them a try!

Little to No Romance – I’ve talked about this many times before, that, despite being a hopeless romantic, I actually really do not like reading about romance in novels. Sometimes a little bit is nice, bit I find that there are so many instances where it completely overshadows the actual plot. So if a novel boasts little to no romance, that’s definitely a plus for me.

Noir or Gothic – I love noir and gothic everything! Books, movies—you name it, I love it! So of course, these are major turn-ons for me when it comes to finding books. If it has a noir or gothic setting, I’m getting my read on! 😛

Sounds Like Sherlock Holmes – And finally, the most embarrassing book turn-on I have to admit. I typically don’t go for books that are compared to other books I love because ninety percent of the time, I end up feeling disappointed in a book that may have been great if I weren’t holding it to the highest possible standard. However, the one thing that gets me every time is when a novel (or a character in a novel) is compared to Sherlock Holmes…or Doctor Who (hence my love of the Jackaby series!).


Honorable Mentions

Gillian Flynn, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Ness, Victoria Schwab – …Enough said… 🙂

What are some things that make you instantly want to read a book? Let me know in the comments, and stay tuned for next Tuesday when I talk about my book turn-offs!



13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – April 18th, 2017

  1. YES! I agree with all your points except maybe the one about romance in books. I do like romance, but the thing is that it must be done really well or it will bore me to tears. I hate cheesy, overly soppy romance, for example. As for the rest, it is scary how similar our reading tastes are. I love a good retelling! I’m quite new to the genre, so I haven’t read that many yet, but I keep expanding my horizons and I’m loving it (well, for the most part). I wonder if you’ve read Replay by Ken Grimwood? It’s a very good parallel universe novel. Anything else in this category you can recommend ? I’m currently reading Outlander and loving it (not sure if it’s something you’d enjoy as there is a fair amount of romance I’d say), and I wouldn’t mind adding some more time travel books onto my TBR.

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    • I definitely like it when it’s done well! 🙂 I actually have no idea why I shy away from romance so much though. Retellings are wonderful aren’t they? I haven’t heard of Replay, but I’m going to add it to my TBR now! 😀 I’m sure you probably know of this series already, but if you haven’t yet you should definitely try out The Lunar Chronicles! Alice by Christina Henry is another fantastic retelling! Also anything by Rosamund Hodge (Cruel Beauty, Crimson Bound). Actually, one of my favorites of hers is a novella called Gilded Ashes! I’ve been considering Outlander since I’ve heard so many amazing things about it, so it’s definitely on my radar! I might give it a try sometime 🙂


  2. I am totally with you on the little-to-no-romance point. I just think too much romance bogs down a storyline. That’s why I can’t get into novels like the Throne of Glass series, because it focuses too heavily on the romance between a number of beautiful couples. I’m all about plot and setting instead.

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    • Yes! I completely agree with that! In certain stories a little can work well, but it can so easily overwhelm a plot that really should be more seriously focused on a completely unrelated topic. I haven’t read Throne of Glass yet, but I’ve definitely heard people saying that about the series. I always find it’s the worst in fantasy or dystopian novels (which is mostly all I read! Haha!) because the plot is usually pretty serious and it so annoying when all characters can think about is who they should fall in love with!

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  3. Ahh. I feel like I get bored in books if no one is falling in love. Haha. Even if it’s just a subplot or it’s not hugely developed. (I read a lot of middle grade, and a lot of the romances are pretty shallow, which is fine with me.) But totally agree about the fairytale retellings! That seems to be a popular one. I guess it’s good for us that there are so many out. Great list!

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    • I definitely like having a good romance in a novel as a subplot, but I’ve always been weird about having it as a main point of the plot and I’m not sure why! You’re right, there are so many fairytale retellings out there, especially in the last few years (which I’m fine with! Haha!).
      Thank you so much! 😀

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  4. Books about books are simply amazing! I definitely need to read more of them. Hahaha, I’m sorry for increasing your TBR! 😉 Retellings are sooo much fun to read, I especially enjoy fairy tale ones. I adore Sherlock Holmes, so I’m always very intrigued to read a story that features a character that is like him. I definitely NEED to check out Jackaby! Great list Ariana! ❤

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    • Yes! They are the best kind of stories for real book lovers in my opinion! Hahaha, can’t say I mind (though my wallet might!)! 😀 Definitely try Jackaby! I absolutely adore that series! It’s not for everyone, but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s such a fun read!
      Thank you so much, Anna! ❤ 🙂

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  5. I will happily take credit for being a TBR enabler, haha!

    I also absolutely love retellings, unique magic systems, and little to no romance! I also think Sherlock retellings are really great and interesting although I feel like there aren’t that many that are good. The “Lock and Mori” books that came out apparently weren’t very good but I do have “A Study in Charlotte” which was good from what I read of it! 🙂

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