Hearts in the Sand

Lying alongside the cool rushing ocean waves,

Feeling the surf spray over our whole bodies,

As we lie in the toasted grains of sand,

Beneath the clear blue sky above our heads.

Our hands are connected in a tight bond,

As we feel the warm rays of the sun on our faces,

And the light breeze touching our skin.

You let go of me, pushing off the ground,

And I watch you curiously as you step away,

Staring out over the land surrounding us.


The large tan canvas sprawls out for miles before you,

As you stand to survey it, plan your creative masterpiece,

And you go to work, bending down to touch the sand.

I watch as your hand swirls over the earth,

Moving in flawless, fluid motions until your creation is complete.

Then you survey your artwork, motioning for me,

And I get up, warm inside from seeing your sparkling smile.

Before us are two hearts, intertwined, each with a letter.

I hold your hand, leaning into your shoulder

As I look beneath, and read the word,