Morning Light

The night has fallen over your world, 

Blanketing you, capturing you in the darkness. 

Shadows whisper, hiding in the corners, 

And everything vanishes into obscurity.


But the stars shine their messages, 

To each other, down to you, 

Accompanying you in the companionless evening, 

And casting light into every unlit expanse. 


There is no reason to fear the night. 

Soon you’ll feel safe in the morning light. 


The wind rushes around, brushing by you, 

Gently touching your skin with its cold fingers. 

And, wrapped in its tendrils, you can’t break free. 

It holds you in its iron grasp. 


Frozen solid, immovable, in this seemingly endless night. 

The rawness of the air pulses at your bones. 

But this is not forever, this is not infinite, 

This chill will soon melt away. 


There is no reason to fear the night. 

Soon you’ll be warmed by the morning light. 


Wandering, lost in the thankless night, 

Longing for safety, the comforting embrace of familiarity. 

You stagger aimlessly about, 

Unable to find your way back onto the path. 


But there is courage inside you, 

Arms to reach out, pull you up, and cling tight, 

Until you can stand on your own once more. 

And the darkness will depart. 


There is no reason to fear the night. 

Soon you’ll be held by the morning light. 


Cannot bear any more, cannot hold on to hope, 

As you plummet down life’s ever darkening slope. 

Search deep inside you, find strength within. 

You cannot let darkness and bitterness win. 


Come, my child, stay strong through the night.

I will be with you come morning light.