There Was Nothing

And then there was Nothing,

No feeling, no sound,

Just an unwanted guest.

His life came unwound.

Tied to the earth,

The chains gave no slack.

He stared straight ahead,

And Nothing stared back.


This menacing figure,

Did not put up a fight.

Simply stood on life’s pathway,

And drank in the light.


He relied on his strength,

Fought against the despair.

But, not moving an inch,

Nothing still remained there.

Its temper flared,

And he began to drown.

It thrived on this victory,

Tried to break him down.

But Nothing believed,

He would finally give in,

Never once thinking,

Happiness might win.

And then, there was Nothing,

Broken down and weak.

Finally defeated,

Its future looked bleak.

The light had returned,

And reopened his eyes,

Giving him strength,

To fight against the lies.

With Nothing defeated,

And with his mind clear,

He could finally see,

Something had always been near.