Rating System

How I rate the books I read:

5.0 TARDISes

5 TARDISes – I loved it.

4.0 TARDISes

4 TARDISes – I really liked it.

3.0 TARDISes

3 TARDISes – I liked it.

2.0 TARDISes

2 TARDISes – It was okay.


1 TARDIS – I did not like it.

2 thoughts on “Rating System

    • Thank you! I wanted to change things up and use something other than stars, and that, being the massive Doctor Who fan that I am, was of course the first thing I thought of! Haha 🙂 It’s such a fantastic show, definitely watch more of it (especially anything with the 10th doctor)! 😀

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