Encouraging Thunder Award


I was nominated by the lovely Anna over at My Bookish Dream! Thank you so much for the nomination!



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When I think of my purpose in blogging, so many things come to mind. Creating a book blog was something that I had been thinking about doing for a long time, so last month, I finally decided to actually put things into motion. Reading and writing are two of the hobbies that I am most passionate about, and blogging gives me a way to combine the two.

On top of loving to read and write, I am also very passionate about discussing books and the craft of writing. I particularly enjoy discussing books with others who have read the same ones, but I find that I don’t have very many people in my life to do this with. This is what caused me to be particularly interested in joining the online book community and connecting with other book lovers from all around the world. I enjoy comparing thoughts and feelings on certain books, recommending favorites, and sharing and discovering new stories. Literature plays an extremely important part in my life, and it’s wonderful to meet people who truly understand that, and have the same deep love of it. And let’s be honest, we all need people to fangirl with sometimes!


Along with engaging in discussions, I also wanted to record and share my own personal thoughts on books. I finally have the opportunity to rant and rave to my heart’s content about the many stories that I read. Instead of finishing a book and keeping my thoughts to myself as I always used to, I now have a place to let them out. From book reviews to TBRs, favorites lists, and amusing tags, there are so many different methods I can use to express my adoration of all things literary, and I love that!

I’m just getting started, so I am still expanding on the content of my blog and coming up with new ideas for the types of posts I create each week. However, I have already truly been enjoying myself, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to begin this site. Getting to express my thoughts on all aspects of the books I read and my love of literature in general has made me feel so positive and energized. Connecting with other readers has inspired and motivated me in both my reading and my writing, and I hope that I can return the favor through my own posts.

So I guess, overall, you could say one of the main reasons I blog is because it makes me happy!


I Nominate:

Ember @ Literary Constellation

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Leslie @ Confessions of a Bookaholic